Minimally Invasive Valve Surgery

An Effective and Attractive Alternative

Patients who need surgery and desire a minimally invasive approach now have an option: a valve procedure performed with a minimal incision – without the traditional sternotomy scar. The clinical benefits, combined with the cosmetic benefits and increased satisfaction levels, make it a very attractive option for the patient.

What is a Minimally Invasive Valve procedure?

The minimally invasive AVR and MVR procedures are minimally invasive direct access approaches for the Aortic and Mitral valves. The procedures are performed under direct vision through right sided mini thoracotomies and achieved by creating a 5-7 cm incision in the 2nd or 3rd intercostal space (AVR) or the 4th or 5th intercostal space (MVR).

Potential benefits of MICS Valve Procedures

  • Reduced trauma and pain
  • Decreased blood loss
  • Decreased wound infection
  • Reduced recovery time
  • Better cosmetic results and
    improved patient satisfaction
  • No differences in morbidity and mortality
  • Facilitates redo surgery
  • Avoids sternal wound complications

Applications for MICS Valve Procedures

  • Aortic Valve Disease
  • AVR + CABG (RCA)
  • Mitral Valve Disease
  • Tricuspid Valve Disease
  • Double Valve (AVR/MVR and MVR/TVR)
  • ASD (Secundum or Primum)
  • Atrial Myxoma
  • Concomitant Atrial Fibrillation (MVR + Maze)




Mini AVR Incision Site


Mini MVR Incision Site


Mini AVR/MVR Incision Site